Our team

Volkan Çalışıyor

Co-Founder, Industrial Designer

Ulaş Akçam

Graphic and Interface Designer

Beste Uğur

Partner, Creative Director / Service Designer

Emre Bağlayıcı

Software Engineer

Pelin Pak

Art Director

Open positions

Software Developer accordion-plus accordion-minus
  • Coding the desired application or game infrastructure
  • Working in coordination with the software team, reporting at the end of the day
  • Fulfilling the task of writing the code given during the day and explaining it with explanation lines
  • To follow the feedback received from the users of the applications or games that have been written or will be written
  • Educated in Software or Computer Engineering departments of universities
  • Loving to code games or applications on iOS or Android platforms
  • Capable of solving the errors encountered while coding in a short time.
  • Able to do “clean” coding with command of object-oriented programming (OOP) structure
  • Proficient in at least one of C++, Java, C#, Swift languages
  • Following and researching new technologies
  • Experienced in cross platforms or native coding structure
  • A sensitive, responsible, detailed, and attentive employee in terms of timing
  • We are looking for a developer who is prone to teamwork and has good communication skills
Copywriter-Social Media Manager accordion-plus accordion-minus
  • Social media content production and management for brands
  • Managing the approval processes of the content prepared by communicating with the customer
  • Taking part in the creative content and campaign management process
  • Editing and controlling all text content in the digital and printed field
  • Graduated from related departments of universities
  • Worked as a social media content producer in digital agencies and/or willing to work in this field
  • Knowledge of Turkish grammar rules
  • Ability to produce content in English
  • Mastering the dynamics of working with the visual team
  • Able to closely follow current trends in social media and integrate new features into brands
  • Sensitive, responsible, detailed, and attentive to timing
  • Prone to teamwork and good communication skills
UI/UX Designer accordion-plus accordion-minus
  • Graduated from Graphic design and/or related departments of universities.
  • At least 2 years of working life (freelance, part time and / or full-time).
  • Proficient in Adobe and Wireframe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Wireframe.cc etc.).
  • Experienced or beginner in UI/UX.
  • Following the design trends closely and reflecting this on their designs.
  • Suitable for teamwork.
  • Able to schedule their own responsibilities.
  • Responsible and disciplined.
  • Loves Izmir and living in Izmir.
  • We are looking for a sweet-talking, smiling designer.
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