Our team

Volkan Çalışıyor

Co-Founder, Industrial Designer

Kaan Karapınar

Co-Founder, Industrial Designer

Beste Uğur

Partner, Creative Director / Service Designer

Emre Bağlayıcı

Software Engineer

Pelin Pak

Art Director

Nisa Köşnek

Jr. Social Media Manager

Kerem Bar

Digital Marketing Specialist

Zeynep Kapti

Graphic Designer, Video Producer

Efecan İskeçeli

Interior Architect

Murat Yıldırım

Graphic Designer

Open positions

Copywriter-Social Media Manager accordion-plus accordion-minus
  • Social media content production and management for brands
  • Managing the approval processes of the content prepared by communicating with the customer
  • Taking part in the creative content and campaign management process
  • Editing and controlling all text content in the digital and printed field
  • Graduated from related departments of universities
  • Worked as a social media content producer in digital agencies and/or willing to work in this field
  • Knowledge of Turkish grammar rules
  • Ability to produce content in English
  • Mastering the dynamics of working with the visual team
  • Able to closely follow current trends in social media and integrate new features into brands
  • Sensitive, responsible, detailed, and attentive to timing
  • Prone to teamwork and good communication skills
UI/UX Designer accordion-plus accordion-minus
  • Graduated from Graphic design and/or related departments of universities.
  • At least 2 years of working life (freelance, part time and / or full-time).
  • Proficient in Adobe and Wireframe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Wireframe.cc etc.).
  • Experienced or beginner in UI/UX.
  • Following the design trends closely and reflecting this on their designs.
  • Suitable for teamwork.
  • Able to schedule their own responsibilities.
  • Responsible and disciplined.
  • Loves Izmir and living in Izmir.
  • We are looking for a sweet-talking, smiling designer.
Software Trainee accordion-plus accordion-minus
  • Coding the desired application or game infrastructure
  • Working in coordination with the software team, reporting at the end of the day
  • Fulfilling the task of writing the code given during the day and explaining it with explanation lines
  • To follow the feedback received from the users of the applications or games that have been written or will be written
  • Educated in Software or Computer Engineering departments of universities
  • Loving to code games or applications on iOS or Android platforms
  • Capable of solving the errors encountered while coding in a short time.
  • Able to do “clean” coding with command of object-oriented programming (OOP) structure
  • Proficient in at least one of C++, Java, C#, Swift languages
  • Following and researching new technologies
  • Experienced in cross platforms or native coding structure
  • A sensitive, responsible, detailed, and attentive employee in terms of timing
  • We are looking for an intern who is prone to teamwork and has good communication skills
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